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Hello, my name is Barry and this is my new fencing blog. Until a couple of years ago, I didn't think twice about fencing. I truly believed that there were only a couple of types of fence and that they all more or less did the same job. But boy was I wrong. When my brother-in-law Stan came to visit me, he explained that he had recently retrained as a fencing contractor and that he would be willing to do some work on my yard. I helped him to install a new glass fence around the pool and a lovely wooden picket around the exterior of my home. I hope you enjoy my blog.

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How to Choose the Best Glass for Your Pool Fencing

A glass pool fence is a good choice for your home, as it means an unobstructed view to the pool and no toeholds for someone to climb the fence. The glass is also very durable against water and pool chemicals, so it won't corrode or fade, as does wood and some low-quality metal fences.

When you're talking to a fence installer about a glass pool fence, you may not realize that you need to choose the type of glass used for the fence, and have several options for its overall material and style. Note a few things to keep in mind when working with such an installer so you know your new fence will be durable, attractive, and a perfect backdrop for your pool area.

Glass thickness 

There are usually local building codes that dictate the thinnest glass you can purchase for a pool fence, and a thin glass will usually be cheaper. However, a thicker glass is not only more durable against potential impacts, but it's also less likely to vibrate or shake during high winds. It may suffer fewer scratches because of hail, falling tree branches, and other such hazards. If you have children who tend to roughhouse around the pool, or live in an area known for inclement weather, opt for a thicker, tougher glass that will withstand all those risks.


As with thickness, you may have some "leeway" when it comes to the height of a glass fence, according to local building codes. To make your choice, consider the height of your home's landscaping features; if you have landscaping trees or tall shrubbery, a shorter fence may seem out of proportion. If you have small flower bushes or not much landscaping at all, a tall fence might overwhelm the space and also seem out of proportion. Choose something that would coordinate with the other features in the yard so the fence doesn't look like an afterthought.


Frameless fences are, as the name implies, plain glass panels. This can be good for a simple and modern look, but if you want a bit of style, opt for a framed fence, and consider your choices of material for those frames. Thick wood posts can add a rustic look to your property, while black metal can complement black metal patio furniture. Use your frame choices as an opportunity to bring visual interest to the yard and choose what would blend nicely with flowers, shrubbery, the patio area, and even the colour of your home's exterior.