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Installing New Fencing

Hello, my name is Barry and this is my new fencing blog. Until a couple of years ago, I didn't think twice about fencing. I truly believed that there were only a couple of types of fence and that they all more or less did the same job. But boy was I wrong. When my brother-in-law Stan came to visit me, he explained that he had recently retrained as a fencing contractor and that he would be willing to do some work on my yard. I helped him to install a new glass fence around the pool and a lovely wooden picket around the exterior of my home. I hope you enjoy my blog.

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Do you need a new fencing solution?

Are you looking for an easy way, cost-effective to fence your property? There are many fencing solutions that you might consider. You might think about building a solid brick wall around the property, but that could be both slow and expensive, especially if your property is large. A wooden fence could be another possibility, but that could still take a while to erect, and designing the fence could be complicated if it must cover uneven or sloping terrain. The quickest type of fence to erect is often chain mesh fencing, but the ease of installation isn't the only reason to opt for chain mesh fencing. Here are three more reasons chain mesh fencing could be the best option.

The best security

When you want to keep people out of any area, you must make access as difficult as possible. With chain mesh fencing, the interlocked fence wires are connected in a diamond formation and also coated to provide additional resilience. The chain mesh fencing is supported by steel posts and can be built to a height that makes any attempt to scale the fence extremely difficult. Each element of the fencing adds to the whole and builds to create a fencing solution that can surround military bases, prisons and even airports.

Great durability

If you have ever installed a wooden fence, you will know that wood isn't always the most durable material. Wood can rot or be eaten by termites. It may need replacing only a few years after installation. Chain mesh fencing will often be vinyl or galvanised steel. It won't rot, and it requires minimal maintenance. A further benefit of chain mesh fencing is that it is less likely to be damaged by extreme weather conditions. A wooden fence could be smashed by a hurricane, but chain mesh fencing won't be affected. If a part of the fencing is deliberately damaged, there is a simple solution. You will only need to cut out and replace the damaged portion without reinstalling the entire fence.

A customised solution

You might think that every chain mesh fence will look the same, but it doesn't have to be that way. Many chain mesh fences are indeed a silver-grey colour, but you can obtain a fence in almost any colour. You might want a dark green fence that blends into the natural environment or a fence that is highly visible and that can act as a deterrent. Whatever your requirements, talk to your chosen chain mesh fencing company and ask about the possibilities. In addition to the fencing colour, you could also choose the mesh thickness or the style of mesh to create the appearance you desire.