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Hello, my name is Barry and this is my new fencing blog. Until a couple of years ago, I didn't think twice about fencing. I truly believed that there were only a couple of types of fence and that they all more or less did the same job. But boy was I wrong. When my brother-in-law Stan came to visit me, he explained that he had recently retrained as a fencing contractor and that he would be willing to do some work on my yard. I helped him to install a new glass fence around the pool and a lovely wooden picket around the exterior of my home. I hope you enjoy my blog.

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3 Benefits of Using Fabricated Structural Steel

Fabrication turns raw steel into building blocks for construction projects. If you need to use structural steel on your build, then you are likely to need to order fabricated products. What are the benefits of using fabricated steel?

1. Enhanced Structural Support

While steel is a strong material in itself, fabrication often increases its structural support capabilities. For example, manufacturers often add other materials or coatings to the steel during the fabrication process. These additions can give the underlying metal a boost in strength and resilience.

So, for example, carbon additives can make steel stronger. Other metals, such as zinc, give protection against rusting. If your structural metal products have some rust-proofing, then they'll last longer and won't weaken even in difficult environmental conditions.

You can also buy fabricated products that have built-in fire resistance. The steel that holds your structure together will then hold its own more effectively if it is exposed to fire. This boosts the safety of your building and its longevity.

2. Lower Costs

Fabricated structural steel can also be more cost-effective than other materials. You could make savings on your purchasing, labour, repair and maintenance costs.

For example, your steel will be relatively light in construction terms. It will still be strong enough for your needs but it won't use as much metal when it is manufactured. If you can reduce your material usage during the manufacturing process, then you also reduce your purchasing costs.

Plus, your steel will be delivered in a ready-to-use state. It will be the right size and shape for your needs. This, together with its lighter weight, means that it takes less work and time to put your steel in place. This reduces your labour costs.

You'll also see a good return on investment here. The fact that you will use a robust and long-lasting structural material that doesn't need much repair or maintenance work also cuts costs.

3. Greener Builds

People and companies are becoming more concerned about the environment. You've probably already noticed that more of your customers want to ensure that their builds are environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

Fabricated structural steel helps you meet these aims. Unlike some metals, this kind of steel is almost completely recyclable. The steel you use now can be reused in the future. It reduces the need to use resources and materials that harm the planet.

To find out more about how to source and order steel for your job, contact steel fabrication companies.